Our service works 5 easy steps:

  1. Place an order by phone (0734) 644 644 or via form (we'll call you within 30 minutes during the program).
  2. One of our agents will come to collect your laundry at home or at the office, weigh them and issue you an order receipt. At the time of handing over the ironing laundry package, you can choose: priming, perfume, ironing with or without stripe, wrapped or hanging (all included in the fixed final price).
  3. The laundry is brought to our premises and ironed according to your specifications and the label.
  4. After ironing, the clothes are placed on hangers, wrapped in special polyethylene bags and / or packaged in special case for protection as appropriate. After wrapping the clothes are stored in a clean, smoke free environment.
  5. Clothes will be returned within 48 hours at your place and time.
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Pick-up and delivery of clothes are free of charge.

Payment is made on delivery of the ironed clothes.

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CalcHaine.ro, Laundry ironing services, in Bucharest. Free Pick-up and Delivery. Fast and flawless execution.

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