10 tips to choose your ironing-0 correctly

10 tips for choosing your ironing board correctly

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New or second-hand? Classic or Steam? Randomly chosen or after a full evaluation of the existing offers? Why do you keep in mind when choosing the right ironing machine, because we will discuss this further when you look at the products for sale in store stands?

While it may seem like a fairly easy choice, let's find out what the expert advice is ironing clothes and laundry In this regard. An indication: the bigger it is, the better!

  1. Decide if you need a steamer or a regular appliance. Even if it is more expensive, a steam appliance has a number of advantages: it is faster and more efficient and can be used on the most delicate fabrics to remove the creases without damaging the material. And I have not yet told you the better part: it can also be used as an ordinary iron, while a normal one can not, of course, substitute a steam appliance.

  2. Before you buy the ironing machine, try it! A practical and comfortable ironing iron will be easier to use in the long run.

  3. When it comes to weight, the bigger it is, the better. Choose a heavier ironing machine to make it easier for you to work and work harder to iron your clothes.

  4. Choose an iron with as many steam holes as possible. Steam plays an important role in removing creases from cotton and cloth garments, so more holes mean more steam and therefore a better result.

  5. Choose auto-lock models. This function ensures that the iron is switched off if too much time is left on the soleplate or if it overturns.

  6. More power (about 1400 W) means more heat and thus a more efficient appliance.

  7. The sole of the appliance should be as large as possible to shorten the time required for ironing the laundry.

  8. As for the sole, keep in mind that the glossy surface slides more easily onto the material, while dark gray surfaces have more adhesion, but both are equally effective. Whatever your choice, look for a scratch resistant stainless steel device; it ensures easy slip even on wool or silk.

  9. Capacity of the water tank should be considered, especially if you plan to regularly iron a higher number of clothes.

  10. Finally, for occasional users, a practical option is a retractable cable device, which will take up less storage space.

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