Professional cleaning - when should I call her?

Unlike other countries, where people find it natural for them to frequently resort to professional clothes cleaning, in Romania this type of service is still under development. That's because many of us prefer to wash at home certain clothes that should actually be cleaned.

Iata insa care sunt principalele motive pentru care iti recomandam sa apelezi la o curatatorie profesionala de haine.

Lack of time

It is obvious that the first reason we call for professional cleaning is the lack of time. If you get late at work and have to make food, spend time with your children, then it would be a great help to you to delegate this task.

What's even more great is that when you take your clothes to clean, you get them clean and ironed on top. So you save your precious time every week.

Clotted or very dirty clothes

No matter how hard you tried to get those blotches of cranberry from your shirt, you still did not? Professional cleaning uses professional products that eliminate the most stubborn stains without damaging the fabric.

Decat sa incerci tu acasa tot felul de metode empirice de a curata haina, riscand sa strici si materialul, mai bine o lasi pe seama expertilor.

Do you have shirts, jackets or white dresses, which, however much you try, do not clean them so that they look decent? Then the only solution you have is to get them clean. The products and cleaning methods used will produce unexpected results.

Clothes that can not be washed at home

On the label of some clothes it says that they can not be washed at home, but only in the cleaning. This is about clothes from some more delicate materials, costumes, leather clothes, fur, bridal dress, etc.

Whatever we want, some pieces of clothing simply can not be thrown into the washing machine to be cleaned. In addition, we risk damaging them irremediably.

Clothes that look impeccable - just to clean clothes

No matter how hard you are at home, you will never be able to walk the perfect shirt or make a stripe that will resist your pants. That's because a professional equipment with a much higher power than your home iron is used in cleaners and ironing.

Clothes taken to cleaners will always look like us, they will be impeccable, will smell nice and will be ironed irreproachably. Where else will they keep their color for longer and the material will retain its features for a longer time than if you washed them at home.

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