How to order and clean up in less than an hour when you have dinner

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Everything happens to us that at some point we have been announced that we will receive an unexpected visit. Most of the time we have very little time to order and clean.

To be honest, in most cases, clean and clean is only a day or two after they have done the general cleanliness. Otherwise, lack of time and fatigue make us more expensive and often do not put things in their place or wash them immediately.

Here's what you can do in about an hour if you move fast:

Order and quick cleaning in living room and hallway

Any cleanliness must start with order, because you can not clean it when there is chaos in the house.

If you have children and are toys everywhere, gather them on foot (read "everywhere") and put them in their boxes. Ideal would be to have big plastic boxes with a lid to store quickly.

Put your phone chargers, laptop, etc. in a box with lid or in a drawer. These cables, which "lie down" next to the socket, visually load the camera and appear cluttered.

Often, there is a whole collection of shoes at the door or in the hall, because you forget to put them in their boxes or in the closet after you use them. Put each pair of shoes in his box or in the shoe. Leave only the slippers for the guests.

Do it quickly with the mature where you see that dust is collected on the floor. Wipe the dust from the coffee table and the TV comforter with a damp cloth. If you have a vertical vertical vacuum cleaner, use that instead of sweat, it's much more practical.

Order and fast cleaning in the kitchen

You do not have much to do quick cleaning in the kitchen, but you can do a few things to order.

Collect all dirty dishes and glasses and put them in a dishwasher or sink. Rather than being scattered throughout the kitchen, it's better to be all in the sink. If time allows, wash them.

Pull boxes or drawers into the boxes of cereals, sugar jar, oil bottle, teas and all you have to see. Try, however, to always keep the same storage place for each thing, otherwise you will forget where you put it.

She quickly dries on the floor and wipes the table and the kitchen counter with a damp cloth.

Gather the used kitchen towels, put them to the wash and remove some clean ones.

Order and fast cleaning in the bathroom

Collect the used towels and put them in the laundry basket. Take a clean towel for your hands.

Put the washing mat out of the bathroom and take out a clean one.

Use a damp cloth or wet cloth and quickly wipe the sink, the edge of the bag and the toilet tank. Put Domestos in the toilet bowl and let it act for 20 minutes then draw the water, rubbing it with the toilet brush.

Spray the glass solution on the mirror and wipe it with a paper towel.

Put in the bathroom cabinet everything that's on the sink. Leave only the soap of hands.

Make sure you have toilet paper in the bathroom.

Order and quick cleaning in the bedroom

If you have clothes gathered on a chair or on the bed, add them all together and sort them. On the clean or the ones you will carry, place them in the closet in their place. On the dirty ones throw them in the washer basket. Or better in the washing machine.

Make your bed. The room will look more orderly.

If you have someone to help you, everything will go fast and you will make your home look decent before the unexpected visit.

Two extra tips:

  1. It does not mess with disorder. Many of us say "Sorry for disorder." Which only draws attention to it. They may not even notice that it is not very clean or orderly.
  2. Open the windows when you order and place a room freshener or light a scented candle. But do not exaggerate and stop the smell before the guests arrive.



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