How to save valuable time with homework

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You have probably heard that time is the most precious resource we have. And when you work at least eight hours a day, you still spend two more on the road when you get home, you only have a few hours to eat, clean, wash or relax with your loved ones. Sometimes, you do not even know what to do first when you get out of work, especially if you're a parent.

When you are a parent, you have an extra reason to find solutions to be more effective in terms of household activities - you want to spend as much time with your baby.

Here are some ideas that can help you finish what you have to do and get out in the park with the little one:

  1. Go to the hypermarket once a week, usually on weekends. Buy basic food (rice, frozen vegetables, dried or preserved beans, lentils, chicken, canned food, meat, etc.), water and other useful items for home (toilet paper, kitchen paper roll, garbage bags, etc.) the whole week. You can also buy fresh fruit and vegetables to use in the first half of a week, and then just go to the market to get fresh fruit and vegetables. You will save a lot of time, because always when you go to a hypermarket, you waste time looking at products you may not necessarily need at the time.
  2. Straight related to the recommendation under point one is the following: plan what you will cook for the whole week and use the ingredients bought on the weekend. You can shop on Saturdays and you can cook on Sundays.
  3. Cooks bigger quantities of food. Make a large pot of soup to eat two days or put a few portions of what you cook in the freezer.
  4. Use smart home appliances in the kitchen. For example: a slow cooker with automatic programming (just put the ingredients in it and let it do the job while you do something else), an oven with an automatic stop function, a bread maker or a cooking appliance at Steam with automatic stop function.
  5. And in the rest of the house you can choose home appliances that make your life easier. For example, a vacuum cleaner that walks alone on the floor and makes it clean.
  6. When you buy your clothes washing machine, take one with a larger capacity so you can wash more clothes at once.
  7. Better, take a clothes washing machine with a dryer, save the time you otherwise spend stretching out your laundry.
  8. Use more laundry baskets, so you will not waste time sorting your clothes before washing them out. For example: a basket for bath towels, a smaller basket for intimate linen, one for socks, one for white items.
  9. Put a dishwasher in your kitchen. Every day we spend at least half an hour with this activity. This will even help you consume less water, the dishes will be better washed and disinfected above (because you can wash them at high temperatures).
  10. When ironing your clothes, you use a heavier iron, harder, with more power and more steam holes. You'll save a lot of time by brushing cotton coats that are hard to crack.
  11. When you have a lot of ironing clothes and you feel overwhelmed, trust with a professional ironing board. Such a service is also very helpful when you go on vacation and want to climb all the clothes you want to put in luggage.

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