Baby Wardrobe - Effective organization in closet

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Maybe it sounds a little pompously saying "wardrobe", but if you think, even at this age, your baby has an impressive collection of coats. Some received gifts, others bought by you, because you could not help.

Until now the big closet in the bedroom was enough for you, your parents, now you have to make room for the little one or think of a special closet for him to store his clothes and other items.

Based on our parenting experience, we designed a way to organize the child's things so that they are organized in categories, at hand, to be easy to find. We all know that when we have a small child, we do not have the time or nerves to look for a thing (often with beggars in the arms).

Baby wardrobe by category of clothes

First, add all the clothes together and sort them by size. Put aside too big clothes that she can not wear at the moment. You will place them on a row behind the closet and will not be visible but it does not matter, because you are not currently using them.

The clothes can be arranged as follows:

  • on a shelf you can put your long sleeves, short sleeves and thin trousers (your pants or trousers)
  • on another shelf you can put, long sleeve blouses, sweatshirts and sweatshirts and thick pants
  • a separate shelf can be dedicated to pajamas, sleeping bags, socks, tights, bibs and caps, which you can easily organize in boxes or plastic baskets
  • if it's cold season, you'll have gloves, trousers, snow blazers, gloves, thick beds on a shelf
  • if necessary, put in a plastic box and the small ones shoes, possibly next to the socks

Organizing other useful things in the closet:

  • dedicate a shelf from the bathroom towel rack (you should have 5-7 bath towels and some small hand towels), muselines, elastic bed sheets or bed linen
  • on a shelf at your fingertips you can put diapers in their purse or in a dedicated box, the bag with chocks and other items for baby hygiene
  • on the top shelf, where you do not walk too often, you can put the bottle heater box that you use only when you go somewhere, the bottle box (if you only use it), the sterilizer and other items you use only occasionally .

I've run out of storage space in a 2.5m high cabinet, but what do we do with toys? Still gathering. Well, you will need a special cabinet for them, because you will have more and more.

We recommend a closet that matches plastic boxes that you can use as drawers. I'm practical because you can remove them anytime to wash them.

We hope that this article will be of use to you and that you have taken at least some useful ideas from it


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