9 myths about removing stains on clothes

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It often happens to you, on the Internet, over all sorts of articles that give you tips to remove different stains on your clothes. Some more crazy than others. But do you think it all works? We found people who even tested these "tips" and made a list of myths about the removal of stains on textiles.

  1. If you smoked a blouse with coffee, sprinkle the baking powder on the fresh patch and let it work. It is a myth, you will not get rid of the stain of coffee, eventually you will just fade it a little.
  2. The lipstick on the clothes can be removed with a wet baby napkin. You can rub as much as you like, if the stain is already dry, you will not be able to clean it even with a whole package of wet napkins. Moreover, you risk lying on a larger surface.
  3. Fixative removes ink stains. Not only is it not true, but most hair sprays also contain alcohol and you can even damage the material.
  4. Use effervescent aspirin to whiten clothes. This is a myth that may have started many years ago, probably because aspirin has been patented by Bayer - a German textile fabric manufacturer. You better keep your headache pills.
  5. Lemon jelly removes rust stains. Although, at the moment, it seems to remove the stain, over time, it will oxidize and create a spot that can not be removed.
  6. The ointment dissolvent can be used to remove makeup spots or other stains. You should keep in mind that, most of the time, it may contain acetone, a compound that can irreparably damage synthetic textiles.
  7. Mineral water removes many types of stains. In fact, it has the same properties as normal water. Air bubbles in the water are not wonders.
  8. Alcohol removes stains. Even if in some cases it may be effective, you should know that alcohol will damage the clothes that have been dyed and discolored.
  9. Vinegar is promoted all over the world as a good product to remove many types of stains. Not only is it not effective, not even in combination with baking powder, but leaves behind an unpleasant, unpleasant odor.

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