11 things you never get to the washing machine

Leather shoes in washing machine

The washing machine is perhaps the most used household appliance in a household, after the refrigerator and cooker. This makes life a lot easier because we no longer have to wash our clothes by hand. Thus, we no longer have physical effort and we have more free time for the washing machine to work for us.

No matter how much we want to rely solely on the washing machine, there will always be certain clothing items that we should wash our hands on.

To properly care for our clothes and keep them as we are for as long as possible, first of all we need to read the instructions on the label. They will inform us how we can wash, dry, iron and care for the respective garment.

However, if the label is no longer legible or missing, please follow the list below when you want to put something on the washing machine. Besides clothes, there are other things that we do not recommend to put in the washing machine.

Clothing items with embroidery, sequins or beads can be damaged in the washing machine

Washing machine can damage or even destroy clothes that have applications with beads, sequins or embroidery. Additionally, they may loosen or detach and damage the washing machine.

If you have embroidered clothes, be careful not to wash them with other clothes that have zippers or buttons that can clothe them. It would be best to go with apparel or embroidery at cleaning or wash them by hand.

Lace clothes can be destroyed in the washing machine

Lace is one of the most delicate fabrics and rotations during the wash and squeeze cycle can damage the garments of this type of material. To avoid this, we recommend that you wash your lace clothes manually at a lower temperature.

Cashmere cloths can scratch in the washing machine

Casmir is an extremely precious and delicate material. Clothes in this material can be scratched and widened over time if you wash them in the washing machine.

Intimate underwear can be broken if you put it in the washing machine

If you have intimate lace or fine embroidery or you have made a lot of money, you should not put it in the washing machine. Hurry to break it even after the first wash. Another solution would be to buy special covers for washing linen underwear. They protect both the linen and the washing machine from any small staples or small pieces of metal that can detach.

protective washcloth for lingerie

The sporty leather shoes do not fit on the washing machine

Even if you have friends who did this, can you even risk it? Modern washing machines have dedicated footwear programs, but you should only use them for textile footwear. Otherwise, the shoe's skin will suffer and you will most likely not be able to shave it. We recommend that you follow the manufacturer's instructions for the care of that skin type.

Clothes with stains with flammable substances

If you have dirty clothes for gasoline, gas, gas or other flammable substance, do not use a drying program. The heat that is released during this stage can produce fire. Rinse your clothes thoroughly before washing them out. It would be best if you do not have any other clothes next to the patches.

Baby socks can spoil your washing machine

Baby socks are very small and they often get into the leak of the washing machine. We recommend putting them in a special zipper to protect the washing machine. Find this type of cover in hypermarkets and in stores that also have home-made products.

Animal hair on them

We recommend brushing or using a sticky tape roll before wearing clothes that have animal hair on them. The hair of the animals is fine and short and can stay in the washing machine and put on other clothes. Furthermore, it can block the leakage of the washing machine which will no longer work at full capacity.

Do not hide the pilot in the washing machine

If you have a 5 or 6 kilogram washing machine, you probably do not have a double pilot in it. Or do you fall but very loose. Consider that the detergent must run all over the machine to be effective. An overcharged car will not clean the dirt and the detergent will not rinse properly. We recommend that you take the pilots to a professional cleaning if you do not fit in the washing machine.

Flannel or feather cushions do not wash at the washing machine

A pillow with flakes or feathers is quite expensive. That's why it's risky to wash it on the car. We recommend that you use a cleaner or special disinfectant solutions. Leave the pillow in the air and if you can in the sun to remove the mites.

Take great care of your pockets

Most often they get accidentally in the car wash and coins. Be careful to carefully check each pocket before putting your clothes on the washing machine. Otherwise, you risk seriously damaging your washing machine. Coins can obstruct your leakage and the keys can break your squeegee shutter.

We hope that this article was useful and if you know other items that you should not put in the washing machine, please mention them in the comments section below.

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