How to efficiently organize your clothes in the closet

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Does it often happen that you do not easily find a particular piece of clothing or do you feel that all the clothes are cluttered in the closet? You need a better organization of clothes to find them easier, but also a "general cleaning" in the closet.

Throw or donate the clothes or accessories you do not wear

The first step you need to make to have a more organized and convenient wardrobe is to remove all the clothes and accessories from all the cabinets and decide what you will give up.

Here are a few ideas: clothes that are too big or too small, scuffed clothes, patted or bleached clothes, defective clothes (do not get the zipper, missing a button, a button, hanging, etc.) yes, it's time to say goodbye to high school pants), socks that have been shedding material, which have synthetic holes, broken brassieres, and scuffed or tied shirts.

With regard to accessories, you can give away without any remorse the worn, cracked belts, ruffled bags that have a visible defect, scuffed or hooded scarves and scarves, shoes that have irreparable defects that are too loose that have deformed , discolored or broken.

Organize your clothes in categories in the closet to find them easier

If you do not want to miss the morning before work searching for the clothes to dress, arrange them in the closet and keep these rules forever.

Use trusted lid boxes or organizer trays to help you find the job you are looking for, occupy your space more efficiently, and your closet will look more orderly.

Here are some ideas:

  • Put all your pants on a special pants pocket, put it in your closet if you do not already have it; if you do not, use hangers with pants
  • Put all the shirts together, on the hangers; place them, from left to right, the first ones that are ironed, and on the right the unspoiled ones
  • on a shelf he puts your pajamas and other clothes with your house
  • on a shelf puts short sleeve shirts
  • on another shelf put plovarele and long-sleeved blouses
  • if you have more sports items, put them all on the same shelf
  • put all the dresses and blouses on the hangers; Put all the blouses together, beside the dresses, do not mix them
  • put all the costumes together, each suit on his hanger; Ideally you would put it in a protective case
  • if you do not have a dedicated shoe closet, put all the boxes in the same shelf in the closet
  • buy a scarf / ties organizer and put them all on it; you can also use a lid box
  • Put all straps in a lid box
  • put all your socks in a box with a lid or drawer; so you can do with your panties and bra
  • put in a box the winter hats and gloves
  • keeps a towel rack and one for bed linen
  • put in a shelf all the gentiles; to save space, you can put smaller bags in the largest
  • on the top shelves of the cabinet puts the beds, pilots or other items you do not need in the current world; you can put them in plastic bags vacuumed to take up less space

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