We offer a professional ironing service at the best prices. We collect and deliver FREE from your clothing, linen and any other items that need to be ironed. Check out the list of plans below and choose what suits you.

How it works? See here.

The prices below are for the following categories of clothing: T-shirts, suits, skirts, jeans, pajamas, baby clothes, bedclothes and the like.

Our prices are per kilogram of ironing clothes. Please consult the table below to check the average weight of your clothes.

Delivery 24-48 hoursYesYesYesYes
Free collections1245
Kg included3102030
Price / kg25 Lei / Kg22 Lei / Kg19 Lei / Kg17 Lei / Kg
Plan price75 Lei220 Lei380 Lei510 Lei

The number of kilograms included in the START, OPTIM and PLUS packages can be consumed within 30 calendar days. Kilos remaining unused at the end of the package can only be rolled over if a new START, OPTIM or PLUS plan is purchased within the next 30 days.

In the case of exceeding the number of kilograms included in the plan, they are paid at the same price / kilogram of the plan.

Prices are final and include: hangers, clothes covers, packaging, prime, perfume.
If you have special items such as wedding dresses or made from special materials, please contact us.

* Prices include VAT.

Weight average weight table

Clothes typeAverage weight
Cotton shirt150-200g
T-shirt 150g
Trousers 250-350g
Shirt / turtleneck125-150g
Jacket 450-600g
Jeans 400-600g
Skirt 150-300g
Baby points120g
Children's overalls200 g
Double bed linen550-1000g

The weight of your clothing varies by material and size.

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