Did you know these rules for washing clothes?

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Washing clothes on the washing machine

Washing clothes is not "rocket science", but, nevertheless, there are some rules of respect that can help us keep our clothes as new for longer. Read them and try to apply them every time you wash your clothes. In time, they will come into routine and you will not be seen as a chore.

Prepare clothes before washing them

Before washing your clothes, be sure to prepare them in order not to damage them.

Close the zippers, pull out of pockets, put your underwear in special bags for the washing machine, tie the cords so they do not get stuck in the washing machine, turn back the clothes that have prints and denim prints.

Read the instructions on the label before washing

Many of us get all clothes washed at 40 degrees or a wash cycle that lasts a little. However, there are clothes on which the label writes to wash at 30 degrees or even by hand. If you do not want to get damaged or even get into the water, you should follow the instructions on the label.

If you do not know what the symbols on the clothes labels mean, we recommend reading the article Find out what each symbol on your clothes label means.

Wash the clothes at the right temperature

Once you know what each symbol on your clothes label means, you can set the right temperature for the washing machine. So take care when you sort your clothes, put in the car only clothes that can be washed at that temperature. Pay special attention to the number of rotations to which the washing machine squeezes. We recommend that you set your car to fewer turns when you wash delicate clothes or denim clothes.

Pay special attention to stained clothing

Look carefully at the clothes you put in the washing machine. If you find some that have stains, first apply a little liquid detergent to the patch portion or even a stain removal solution. Consider also that a high water temperature can impregnate a stronger stain in the fabric.

Choose the laundry detergent correctly

Yes, we know that it is not so economical to use different laundry detergents depending on what you wash out. What you should know is that a bio-detergent is stronger, contains cleansing enzymes and cleans dirt at low temperatures. That's why you should use it in your white clothes. For colored clothes, use a detergent that will not affect the colors of your clothing. If you have sensitive skin, use a non-organic detergent because it has less enzymes. If you wash clothes made of wool or silk, use a detergent without enzymes or bleaching agents. For merino wool there are special detergents, for example.

When washing denim clothes, it is best to use a liquid laundry detergent without abrasive particles, so as not to remove them with white stripes from washing. And do not forget to set the washing machine to fewer turns.

Use the clothes cleaner correctly

Always adjust the amount of detergent to the amount of laundry washed. You will find instructions on the detergent packaging. Do not use too little, because it will not wash effectively. But not too much, because there will remain residue on the clothes and will smell too strong. Take into account the hardness of the water when determining how much detergent you should use.

Take care of the laundry conditioner

Did you know that it is not ok to use a laundry conditioner for any type of clothes? If you use laundry conditioner when washing towels, they will lose their property of absorbing moisture.

He washed the delicate clothes by hand

As I said above, it is important to read the labels of clothes and accessories. If the label says the article needs to be washed manually, then make an effort and wash it by hand. Otherwise, you risk damaging it. Gently wash the items of natural silk and merino wool in order not to spoil them.


If you dry your clothes indoors, choose not to use laundry pads, because they will leave marks on your clothes. Try to use them only if strictly necessary. For example, use them only for intimate lingerie and socks - catch the claws on the side that covers your fingers. Dried t-shirts and shirts on hangers will be easier to iron.

Clean the washing machine periodically

It is important to clean the washing machine periodically. Quarterly, pour a cup of vinegar into the detergent compartment and start the empty machine at a high temperature, preferably over 60 degrees.

Dry the clothes in the air

Dried outdoor clothes smell more beautiful than dry inside. And in summer, they dry even faster than in the house. If you can not dry them out, be sure to ventilate the laundry room.


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